The girls came dancing arm in arm.

I work out in a gym two or three times a week.

What do I have to do?

What do you intend to do with that?

Just ask them to give it back.

I dislike them all.

Do I look like I'm kidding?

I wish Swamy would leave us alone.

Nou looks somewhat upset.

It's nothing compared to what he did to me.

Criticizing is easier than doing.

I showed Brodie how to do it.

He is a man of virtue.


Cut it out!

She threw away everything that was on the small dining table in a drunken hand gesture.

Those green suits are special suits for reducing the risk of biological contamination.

She sent me a letter.

Susan is two years older than I am.


I can't figure out what he really wants.


Anything is possible.

Spyros is way older than he looks.

I wonder who will help Curtis decorate the Christmas tree.

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Three pages have been torn out.

Even if I wanted to do that, I couldn't.

I can tell this has been difficult for you.

He is a reporter for Time magazine.

Delbert would like that.


I have a rendezvous with my uncle tomorrow.

It is time to help women.

What are the main points of Medea's address?

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I don't know how to go about getting it.

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He violated a law.


Do you enjoy talking?

Don't get everybody confused.

Chip must've been confused.

The old man arched his back.

Philippe finally told me the truth three years later.


Saad came home earlier than I expected.

What do you think of these people?

I thought you guys had a big party tonight.

She made me so angry on the telephone that I hung up on her.

Do you know how many tourists come to Boston every day?

I got two for the price of one.

Where does this trail lead?

Piercarlo was abducted in public.

I came in through the window.

You always say the same thing.

Juliet is lucky.


I was kind of surprised to see Shirley there.

Ultraviolet light can also go through clouds, so you can get sunburns on an overcast day.

He followed in her wake.


Jerrie never trusted Tor.


I'm pleased to make your acquaintance.

That man is dead.

But on the day of the mock exams, there are no club activities, so that means I can walk back home with Haruka. And I'm grateful for that.

I love him, but he's gay.

There was no pain.

The boy kissed the girl.

We must feel our way carefully in the dark.


She told him to study.

She asked us to dinner.

Ricky says he feels a lot better today.

I just feel like relaxing.

My father is so old that he can't work.

She has legally divorced her husband.

We pledged our support to the candidate.

Tyler watched for a moment.

No extremely fat man has ever attempted such a thing.

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Our Father in heaven, hallowed be your name. Your Kingdom come, your will be done, on earth as in heaven Give us today our daily bread. Forgive us our sins, as we forgive those who sin against us. Lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil.

Stacey is the man of my dreams.

Would you please shut the window?

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How does one achieve success?


Kim and Jackye introduced themselves to each other.


Have you ever commented a sentence on Tatoeba?


Thierry sidestepped the question.


And just like that, Dima's childhood friend hung up, leaving Dima - as he was before - 99 kopeks short of his goal.


Not only does she do house work, she is a teacher.


Father had his lawyer draw up his will.

Tell Theo everything that happened here.

That is Pierrot's sister.

I'm warning you that you will be eaten.

I think you'll have very little difficulty in getting a driver's license.

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Ten years have gone by since her death.

I know where she is.

In fact I don't know anything about it.

Carolyn was waiting for Charles outside the restaurant.

He practices the piano every day to become a pianist.

These pictures were painted by him.

Your wife is here.

I lied to them.

I'll show my album to you.


Andre has a wife and a young child.


He placed the order over the phone after he got to his workplace.

It happened before I met her.

This is not exactly my idea of having fun.

Do you find it easy to deal with the people you meet in the course of your work?

It's impossible to describe.

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I have an idea where to start.

Peggy sent me a very nice thank you note.

Alan seems to have had a very hard time.

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I don't own a violin.


Spencer doesn't buy bread.

I've been on the city council for five years.

I ordered some new books from America.

Yvonne has joined a laughter club and his stress levels have decreased significantly.

Ramon and Dale were seated side by side.

Many people buy things they don't really need on credit, without giving any thought to the fact that they'll have to pay it off one day.

He had an operation on his left leg.

Hey mister, you forgot your coat!

The company moved its corporate domicile to Hong Kong for tax purposes.

Where does your friend come from?

Shadow didn't even see Kaj.

I can't understand what you mean.

Floyd was overjoyed.


He could not find what I had hidden.

I'm pretty sure this book has never been translated into French.

Are we likely to arrive in time?

They are kind to old people.

If Sherri were here, we wouldn't have a problem.

The causes of migraine are still not known.

You men, you're all selfish and heartless, and us women, who are always loving and compassionate, we're forced to obey you!

First of all, let me speak about myself.

Rogue waited until Kusum was out of sight.

We really didn't know anything.

I helped my mother in the kitchen.

I knew Presley would want to go with us.

I'm healthy.


You should come through with your promise.

Skip doesn't want to answer Ernest's message.

I want to help out.

Loren was a little overwhelmed by it all.

Do not put new wine into old bottles.


Kikki has a loud voice.

You'll need to hold still.

Shankar is well-liked by everyone.

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We'd better go check on it.

Rolfe never threw away anything that he thought he might be able to use sometime.

It's perfectly legal.

I'm sitting down.

Would you be able to call a doctor for me?

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Why would Moses want to help us?

If I had noticed her, I would have got her autograph.

While he was walking down the street, he fell.

Mr. John's older than I thought.

It has to do with a very important subject.

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Ken couldn't recall his name.

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Horst keeps saying he's innocent.


How much will I pay for 3 minutes to Poland?

I couldn't tell what kind of person this girl I met on the internet was from her profile, but something about her still piqued my curiosity, as though I had met her in a previous life, or something occult-ish like that, anyways.

Is it almost time for dinner?

I like classical music very much.

It is foolish to equate money with happiness.

He's sure that he'll pass the next exam.

Marguerite is going on a picnic tomorrow with Spy.

Explaining a joke is like dissecting a frog: Few people are interested, and the frog dies.

In the style of conceited people, he lards his sentences with ill-digested English words. A kind of failed dandy, deprived of class.

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I had to get away from them.

His calmness is more apparent than real.

Could you tell us what happened next?


I'm going to go back to the hospital.

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I'm so jealous!